Lorenzo is a human being based in Italy.
He has been recognized by clients and juries worldwide for his habit of turning white space into ideas and colors, covering a wide range of topics and moods.

When not illustrating, he is probably exploring the depths of the internet, pondering the mysteries of existence, or admiring the art of Wayne Thiebaud.

*If you find yourself spending more time popping balloons on his landing page than looking at his work, don't worry - he would too.

📧 info@lorenzomatteucci.com

👀 instagram

👔 Clients

🍝 Apogeo REM, Einaudi, La Stampa, Lucy, Rivista Studio, VICE IT, Vita Magazine
🌍 Business Insider, The Baffler, The Intercept, De Morgen, De Helling, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, NBC News, Netflix, VICE Media, Zetland 

🏆 Awards and recognition


Society of Illustrators 66
Selected for Exhibition and Book


American Illustration 40
Chosen Winner

Society of Illustrators 63
Selected for Exhibition and Book
American Illustration 39
Chosen Winner

Communication Arts Illustration Competition
Award of Excellence


Society of Illustrators 62
Selected for Exhibition and Book

3x3 International Illustration Show 17
Student Show, Merit